Mid Term Assessment & Exam Review BIO 240



 Know the following parts of the kidney and nephron i.e:


  1. Be familiar with the diagram of the circulatory system and its flow.
  2. Know the different characteristics between veins and arteries: which has muscle layer, valves etc.


  1. Know which vessels have oxygenated vs deoxygenated ie.

Brachial, radial, femoral, carotid, pulmonary etc.


  1. Know characteristics of aorta, arteriole, venule, capillary


  1. Know where heart valves are located i.e. Mitral valve, Tricuspid valve etc.
  2. Know which artery is most commonly used to monitor BP
  3. Know where gases exchange takes place.
  4. Know the role of the coronary arteries
  5. Know the role of the SA node, AV node, Bundle of HIS and Purkinje fibers
  6. Know the what the terminal fibers of the conduction system of the heart are/is called
  7. Know what produces Antibodies are produced by
  8. Know universal donor, Universal recipient
  9. Know the layers of the heart. i.e. Know what the pericardium is
  1. Know what the first reaction is after a blood vessel is damaged is i.e. platelet gathering, thrombus formation, vasoconstriction , ADP release, vaso dilation etc.


  1. Know the role of Albumin in the blood is
  2. Know what Immunoglobulins are
  3. Know what the Hematocrit of the blood is
  4. Know what Epinehrine causes i.e. vasodilation, vasoconstriction, high blood pressure, etc


  1. Know what Blood vessel is present at the back of knee is
  2. Know the relationship of plaque and arteries
  3. Know what a partial occlusion of coronary arteries causes
  4. Know what the Marginal artery is a branches off of
  5. Know which part of the heart Myocardial infarctions most commonly occurs right ventricle, right atrium, left ventricle, left atrium etc.
  6. Know what are the most common risk factors of an MI
  7. Know which conditions has both thickening & hardening of the arteries i.e.
  1. arteriosclerosis       b. atherosclerosis   c. thrombosis   d. Phlebitis
  1. Know what it is called when the heart is unable to pump enough blood throughout the body this condition is called.
  2. Know which condition causes enlargement of right ventricle because of lung disease
  3. Know what Coarctation is ——————-of aorta
  4. Know what Tetralogy of Fallot is and what it results in
  5. Know what extra or abnormal heart sound is called
  6. Know what Blood flow is measured with the help of
  7. Know what the removal of plague from an artery is called
  8. Know what thrombocytes produce
  9. Know what a Reticulocyte is
  10. Know what the percentage or portion of blood which is composed of blood cells is called
  11. Know what hemoglobin consists of
  12. Know the role of Intrinsic factor and where it is secreted
  13. Know what Erythropoietin is
  14. Know what holds water inside blood vessels
  15. Know what antibodies are in plasma
  16. Know what clotting factors are found in plasma
  17. Know what the failure of bone marrow to produce RBC is called
  18. Know what the defect to produce functional hemoglobin in RBCs is
  19. Know what the lack of clotting factor VIII or XI is called
  20. Know what the abnormal increase in RBCs in blood is called
  21. Know what Malignant of bone marrow is called
  22. Know what Granulocytosis is
  23. Know what happens within the nephron at each level i.e. proximal tubule, descending, distal, etc.
  1. Know where the fluid in interstitial spaces around cells comes from. They come from leaking i.e. veins, arteries, capillaries, etc.
  2. Know which organs are part of lymphatic system
  3. Know what produces antibodies
  4. Know what humoral immunity is mediated by
  5. Know what cellular immunity is mediated by
  6. Know what another name for adenoids is
  7. Know what activates WBCs i.e. spleen, lymph nodes, liver, thymus etc.
  8. Know what immunoglobulins are and how is it defined
  9. Know what the transfer of maternal antibodies to baby during lactation is called
  10. Know what is attacked by HIV virus i.e. suppressor T-cell, helper T-cell, cytotoxic T-cell  etc.
  11. Know what anaphylactic is a severe allergic reaction and which type it is referred to as i.e. I , II , III , IV etc.
  12. Know what tumor of a lymph node is called
  13. Know the system that is most commonly involved in metastasis of a cancer is i.e. arterial system, venous system, lymphatic system etc.
  14. Know where the fluid from interstitial spaces moves into i.e. blood capillaries, lymph capillaries etc.
  15. Know what gland does not secretes saliva
  16. Know what pevents peritonitis i.e. cecum, appendix, spleen, duodenum, greater omentum, sphincter of Oddi etc.
  17. Know what the outermost layer of intestine is called
  18. Know what pepsin is produced by
  19. Know what pepsin digests
  20. Know what the Inner folds of the stomach are called
  21. Know where the ileoceal valave is located between
  22. Know where bile is produced
  23. Know what the pancreatic duct and common bile duct open together and surrounded by sphincter of Oddi is called i.e islets of Langerhans, ampulla of vater, cardiac sphincter etc.
  24. Know the parts of the large and small intestine ie. Second part of the small intestine etc.
  25. Know the functions of the Urinary system i.e. maintenance of fluid balance, maintain electrolyte balance, acid-base balance, remove N2 wastes, influence on the rate of secretion of hormones etc.
  26. Know the different actions in forming urine
  27. Know where the sphincter of Oddi is located
  1. Know where the pylorus sphincter is located between
  1. Know where the fold of peritoneum which attaches small intestine with posterior abdominal wall is
  2. Know the gland is both endocrine as well as exocrine
  3. Know where insulin is secreted from…specifically
  4. Know what hyperbilirubinemia causes
  5. Know what the colon absorbs
  6. Know where nutrients are absorbed
  1. Know where the cardiac sphincter is located
  2. Know the role of villi and what it provides
  3. What does bile do i.e. emulsifies fat, chemically digests fat , synthesizes protoens etc.
  4. Know what amylase that is secreted by pancreas digests


  1. Know what the cystic duct connects
  2. Know where the thymus gland is located
  3. Know the hormones that are produced during stressful situations by adrenal glands are
  4. Know what the pancreas and the hormone that is secreted by it directly into the blood stream
  5. Know what the islets of Langerhans secretes
  6. Know what Erythropoitin for erythropoisis is secreted by
  7. Know what the process by which blood cells are formed is called
  8. Know what the Corpus luteum secretes
  9. Endometrium is built up with the help of what hormone
  10. Know what Cholecystokinin works for i.e. liver, gall bladder spleen, kidneys, etc.

95 Know what Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is secreted by

96 .Know what the collection of air in the pleura is called

  1. Know what Ovulation is under the effect of i.e. FSH, LH, growth hormone, estrogen progesterone, oxytocin etc.
  2. Know what uterine contraction is by… FSH, LH, growth hormone, estrogen progesterone, oxytocin etc.
  3. Know what Glucagon is and does
  4. Know what Calcitonin is and where is it secreted



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