Medical Billing, Coding & Insurance Reimbursement


Hello, and welcome to our series on medical billing and coding. On this site, you’ll watch video lectures on every aspect of the medical coding and billing field. You’ll learn about coding and billing schools and how to start your own coding and billing practice. We’ll talk about different code sets and how to use them.

We’ve created free downloadable resources like Powerpoint presentations, vocabulary lists, sample problems, and review quizzes to help you in your studies. We’ve also created an eBook you can download and use as a reference offline.

We’ve divided this course into six sections. In section one, we’ll introduce you to the general topic of medical billing and coding. In section two, we’ll talk about the practice of, and we’ll teach you the basics of the Medical Coding process.

In section three, we’ll focus on Medical Billing. You’ll learn about the claims process and how it pertains to health insurance payers, Medicare and Medicaid, and the rest of the healthcare industry.

In section four, we’ll apply the knowledge you’ve learned and work with some real-world problems in coding and billing. This section will give you a detailed look into what it’s like to work as a coder or biller.

In section five, we’ll help you prepare for the American Association of Professional Coder’s Certified Professional Coder exam.

And finally, in section six we’ll show you some of the next steps to take in the field, including where to go to school, where to get certified, and how to avoid online scams.

Bear in mind that watching all of the videos on this website will not prepare you to take the exams to become a certified medical biller or coder. In order to learn the specifics of these fields and prepare yourself for their exams, you’ll want to take classes at one of the many schools and training programs around the country. You can count on us for that, too: our video series will help you pick out the school or training program that’s right for you.

Let’s get started.

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